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Time for toys

Baby toys

Baby L's mountain of toys

My sister-in-law gave me a huge bagful of baby toys a few weeks ago. Seriously, there were more toys in this bag than any one child should ever have. But her children had outgrown them, and I didn't have many toys yet for baby L, so I gratefully took them.

But every time I tried to get the baby to play with them, she'd just stare blankly at whatever I was waving in front of her face. Or worse, start to cry. I was at a loss. Don't kids like toys? Why wasn't she reacting with smiles and laughter?

Well, little L is now three months old, and within the last couple of days, she's had a toy breakthrough.

I pulled out all the toys designed to dangle down and hung them on the bar over her bouncy chair and on the slats in her crib. She's been having a ball batting at them and sometimes even managing to grab them. I can't say that she's doing a lot of laughing at them, but that's because she seems to be concentrating really hard on getting her hands on them. I'm sure the smiling and laughing will come later after she's honed her grabbing skills.

It's so much fun to see the wheels turning in her head as she practices. It's almost like she was sort of asleep for the first couple of months of her life, and now she's waking up and taking notice of the world around her.

So, yet another baby mystery solved. She wasn't playing with the toys because she wasn't ready yet. But now that she is, I'd better buckle up, because this is just the first stop in a lifetime of new discoveries.

Can't wait.

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